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The Fast And The Furious and Alex Cross Director Rob Cohen to Direct Risk

Rob Cohen had a couple of back-to-back goofy hits with The Fast and the Furious and xXx, but he started hitting a slump with the evil-fighter-jet movie Stealth, a limp The Mummy sequel, and recently Alex Cross. But perhaps he'll get back on track with Risk. Thankfully not based on the board game, Risk is an action heist thriller. Per THR, "The film follows a talented thief as he is released early from prison for one reason only, to execute a nearly impossible, once in a lifetime art heist. Reluctant to follow the same path that put him in jail in the first place, he is drawn into a dangerous triangle between his crime boss and his accomplice in crime – a beautiful, mysterious woman whose motives remain unclear until the explosive ending." A criminal who's pulled back in for one last job? And he has untrustworthy accomplices? Clearly, we have

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