The Voice: James, Max, Jade - Who had the best audition?

Boy, those teams are looking mighty busy. The fifth week of blind auditions on The Voice is over, and when the coaches weren't marvelling at how flirtatious Miss Minogue is, and when Emma and Marvin weren't messing about on segways, examining nipple tassles and generally having a whale of a time, eight lucky people made it through to the next round. Eight!

It was probably the toughest week yet for ranking, as we liked pretty much everyone that nabbed a spot on a team, but we gave it a go anyway (even if we're not sure we've got it right). Let us know what you thought...

1. Max Murphy

Song: 'Electric Feel' / Coach: Ricky Wilson

Alright, Max might have made it to the top of our rankings this week, but we do have one problem with him: it's not fair that he's a judo champ and ace at singing. We can't do either!

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