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Are Kevin Spacey's Characters In The Usual Suspects And Se7en Actually The Same Person?

If you haven.t seen either of the movies involved in this video and story, then you should know that there are plenty of spoilers to be found here. And, well, you probably deserve to have both of them spoiled. Keyser Soze! Here at Cinema Blend, seen some crazy fan theories roll crookedly across these metaphorical halls, linking the Pixar Universe together and positing a family of James Bonds. But indie filmmaker Tony Sebastian Ukpo is theorizing that two completely different films from 1995, Bryan Singer.s The Usual Suspects and David Fincher.s Se7en, are connected through each film.s villain. One is presented as a legendary criminal mastermind while the other is a methodical sadist inspired by society.s moral downgrading. Could they be the same person? So, this is an explanation that would take less than a minute to lay out, so having the video ...

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