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Bible Hunters: the Search for Bible Truth; The Good Wife – TV review

This tale of biblical mysteries, intrepid explorers and Scottish Presbyterian twin sisters was just wonderful

I'll be honest. If I hadn't been called upon to review it, I probably would have kept a very safe distance from a documentary called Bible Hunters: the Search for Bible Truth (BBC2). Which only goes to prove what a tit I can be because – but of course – it was wonderful. That's one of God's neater little tricks, I reckon.

Archaeologist and historian Dr Jeff Rose guided us through the story of how the notion of the Bible as the absolute and literal word of God, handed unchanging down the ages, was challenged by and eventually disintegrated under the weight of new manuscripts found and discoveries made by various intrepid explorers to Egypt, where the combination of dry desert air and the world's oldest monasteries had combined to provide a vellum'n'papyral (and if that's not a word,

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