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Blandings; Bunkers, Brutalism and Bloodymindedness: Concrete Poetry – TV review

The spirit of Wodehouse is alive in a delightfully silly piece of comic frippery

Initially I was unsure about Timothy Spall as Lord Emsworth in Blandings (BBC1, Sunday). Befuddled and bumbling, sure, but is Spall toff enough, I wondered? All worries allayed, he has successfully stumbled up the social hierarchy. Spall makes a brilliant and utterly convincing crumbling aristocrat. Here he is, in this second series opener, soliloquising away to his beloved pig. The two of them – Clarence and the Empress – get harder and harder to tell apart, don't you think?

The Duke of Dunstable – Harry Enfield, magnificent under full sail – is staying at Blandings Castle, and that's a problem. He is, as Clarence says, an appalling man, bellowing about like a mastodon with a hernia. He gets enraged, especially by whistling and anything to do with Scotland (it's not really working out between him and Angus McAllister, the whistling

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