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Fleming - Episode 2 Review

Gavin Logan reviews the second episode of Fleming...

While last week's opener did a respectable job at seemingly setting the tone for the following episodes, teasing us with just the right combination of action and sexual accomplishment that we are so use to seeing from a Bond movie, Episode 2 smacks us in the face with it, but not necessarily in a good way. From now on the question of what is true and what is not shouldn't come into play. Some spoilers ahead.

The episode started off well, once again establishing a connection between the author and the creation as Fleming nonchalantly drops a large stack of chips into the centre of the baccarat table, perfectly poised, waiting with steely eyes on his opponents next move. His opponent in question just happens to be a Nazi Officer, and with a swift flick of his wrist he turns his cards and gobbles up all of Bond's…

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