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"The Case Of Mary Ford" "The Case Of Mary Ford" First Trailer and Awards

"The Case Of Mary Ford" by award winning director Ben Mole starring Branko Tomovic ("Entity", "Tesla"), Yannis Stankoglou ("Hostage"), Dimitra Hatoupi ("The Third Night") with Tamar Karabetyan has just released a first trailer. It's adapted from the award winning short story by John Mole and tells the story of the Greek legend of the Vrykolakas, a vampire from the sea. "It combined period drama and the supernatural – two things I am consistently drawn to. I also liked that it wasn't a traditional Western horror story but had an eastern mystique about it.", says director Ben Mole. The film has a very beautiful, unique look to it, it's very creepy and eerie. Ben Mole said "It was important to get the period right and the look and style came from that. I have always found the stone...

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