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'The Bachelor': Andi and Clare's hometown dates are a little rough

After a lengthy preview of all the drama that we can look forward to on this week's special two-night event, "Bachelor" fans, we dive right into the hometown dates.

Nikki's Date

Nikki is from Kansas City, which has the word "city" right in the title, yet the first shot is of cows, like farm animals are just wandering the streets in Kc. She's not from a place with one stoplight, editors. Stop that.

We get our first "literally" of the night when Nikki says she's literally been around the world. Sorry, that is a misuse of that word. Everybody drink!

The cows are then explained when Nikki takes Juan Pablo to one of the best BBQ places in Kansas City, which ... just seems mean, but we guess the cows aren't watching, so. Juan Pablo pigs out and rightly so. Kc BBQ 4Eva.

More cows, only the fake kind. Jp

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