Spitting Image exhibition allows Margaret Thatcher centre stage – again

Thirty years since it first aired, voice of Mrs T is still unsure whether satirical puppet show helped or harmed her reputation

She used the men's toilets, smoked a cigar and ate her steak raw – the vegetables could look after themselves. Thirty years on, the voice of Margaret Thatcher believes the jury is still out on whether Spitting Image helped or harmed her reputation.

"One of the big questions which is still unanswered is whether we did her a favour or not in the sense of portraying her as strong and dominant," said Steve Nallon.

He was with Roger Law on Tuesday at the opening of a new exhibition at the Cartoon Museum in London telling the story of one of the most original and funniest TV satire shows ever made.

It was on 26 February 1984 that the caricatures of Peter Fluck and Law were brought to life in puppet form for Spitting Image.

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