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'Legit' Season 2 review: Jim Jefferies' sharp comedy finds its momentum

"Legit" might not be Fxx's most popular comedy, but it should be one of them. After a critically acclaimed first season, the Jim Jefferies-starring series is only sharper, funnier and more brutally heartwarming in Season 2.

Though Wednesday's (Feb. 26) premiere episode isn't as jarring or as uplifting as Season 1's, "Legit" finds its groove much easier in Season 2 than it did last year. The characters of Jim, Billy (DJ Qualls) and Steve (Dan Bakkedahl) feel lived in here, and the episodes feel like one part of a larger story instead of just funny jokes conceived as episodes, which is more akin to "Louie."

In fact, it's hard to compare "Legit" to much of anything on television right now, and that's part of what is so exciting about it. After viewing the first four episodes, it's clear that Jefferies and co-creator Peter O'Fallon aren't afraid to push the bounds of what is politically correct on television.

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