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An Hour to Save Your Life; School of Hard Sums – TV review

The medics are brilliant, but what this documentary needed was a death or two

Let death take me as I am, wrote Montaigne, planting my cabbages. Better that than dying of a heart attack on Oxford Street, crushed between a concrete wall and a 650lb cow, or tossed into the north London air by a car before smacking on to the tarmac.

We had to wait an hour to learn if Zoe, Bill and Rumen survived their respective ordeals. An Hour to Save Your Life (BBC2) used the split-screen montage and countdown clock that fans of 24 will remember to ramp up the jeopardy – and to sustain us viewers through the twisted limbs, operating table gore and affecting moans from accident victims. Jack Bauer and the guys at CTU, you'd think, should claim royalties.

All three survived to recall the excellent treatment they received, But how many stories with less happy

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