Yahoo Helps Feeding America With Comedy Gives Back At SXSW

Feeding America is the “nation’s leading domestic hunger relief charity” helping to nourish the one in six Americans (yes, one in six) that doesn’t have enough access to food to sustain a healthy life. Comedy Gives Back is a “social benefit company” co-founded by Amber J. Lawson that connects charities with entertainment industry professionals and other prominent members of society for live streamed events to raise dollars, awareness, and action for a cause. And Yahoo, is, of course, Yahoo. And with all their collective influence and powers combined, the three entities are joining forces for Yahoo Presents Comedy Gives Back (Cbg Live) @ SXSW, a comedy celebration to generate laughs and appreciation for Feeding America’s cause. American actor and comedian Adam Pally (who you may recognize as Max Blum in the ABC comedy series Happy Endings and/or Peter Prentice in Fox comedy series The Mindey Project) will

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