SXSW Exclusive: Music Video From Rock 'N' Road Trip Movie 'Big In Japan'

The idea of "big in Japan" has become something of a music industry cliché, the dream of struggling musicians who fantasize about spontaneous success somewhere else, where they can live out the rock star dreams that aren't quite there yet at home. This concept will be seen in cinematic form at the SXSW Film Festival this year, with the premiere of John Jeffcoat's "Big In Japan," which features the real-life Seattle band Tennis Pro as they seek stardom and success in Japan. The film is a mix of reality and fiction, with the band members playing themselves in this "band on the run" tale. We have a taste of that unique blend, with the exclusive clip/music video below. It's a surreal, animated dream sequence that occurs after Phil, the lead singer, drinks some questionable shochu. It's not just a clip from the film, but it also serves as

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