‘Scream Park’ Review

Stars: Nicole Beattie, Doug Bradley, Kailey Marie Harris, Dean Jacobs, Tyler Kale, Ian Lemmon, Alicia Marie Marcucci, Carrie Lee Martz, Nivek Ogre, Kyle Riordan, Steve Rudzinski, Wendy Wygant | Written and Directed by Cary Hill

As film fans we often see independent movies that are looking for funding from the fans and we put money into them in the hope that they will move from being just an idea to a fully formed movie. Kickstarter seemed to give small budgeted movies more of a chance, and when we see films appear stating they were funded this way, you can’t help but hope for some success. Scream Park is such a movie and is set for DVD release in the Us on April 22nd, and when watching it for review I couldn’t help but be hopeful for the movie…

The premise of Scream Park is that the Fright Land amusement

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