The Voice: The Battles conclude - who killed it?

Well, that's it! The final Battles have taken place and the confetti is being swept off the ring as we speak. But Kylie, Ricky, Tom and Will had some very tough decisions to make - there were tears - so who made it through? Who headed home? Were the decisions right? And who got the final steal from Kylie? Read on as Digital Spy rounds up all the Battle business...

Chris Royal vs Jamie Lovatt - Team Ricky

Song: 'Rolling in the Deep'

Fighting Talk: Chris doesn't mess around, saying at the piano rehearsal that Jamie is in the way of his dream! But the guys seem to get on, even if they try to outdo each other - Jamie with his rock, and Chris with his falsetto. Ricky thinks the duo have very different voices - power vs emotion, serpent vs lion... But who'll win?

The Battle: It's a

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