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Shetland; Original Drama – TV review

There's something of the Nordic about Shetland – but sadly no impressive knitwear on show

In the novel Raven Black by Ann Cleeves, from which the first two-part story of Shetland (BBC1) is adapted, it's winter and the islands are covered in a thick layer of snow when a girl's body is discovered. Here they've changed the season, to the very opposite, mid-summer, when it never properly gets dark. Perhaps it was to make filming easier, to literally shed light on proceedings.

Certainly it means we get to see the eerie, sad landscape and grey skies that are so much a part of it. And actually it's just as effective a backdrop – constant light is very nearly as oppressive and depressing as constant dark. A community, including Di Jimmy Perez (Douglas Henshall), is already on edge through lack of sleep when the body is found. Remember Al Pacino in Insomnia? Like that.

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