Noyce returns to the theme of the outsider

Phillip Noyce.s Rabbit- Proof Fence may seem to have nothing in common with his latest film, The Giver, a dystopian sci-fi drama which stars Jeff Bridges, Meryl Steep, Brenton Thwaites, Katie Holmes and Taylor Swift.

But there are strong thematic similarities between his 2002 Stolen Generations drama and the Us-financed film based on a young adult novel by Lois Lowry..

.Both are about insiders who finds themselves on the outside of their community,. the director told If from New York, where he.s working around the clock in an editing suite.

.Ïn The Giver, Jonas, the central character, lives in an overbearing, very doctrinaire society. He sets off on a very long journey to find a true home. Thematically that is similar to my earlier films Newsfront, Heatwave and Clear and Present Danger..

Noyce cast young Aussie Brenton Thwaites as Jonas. Bridges is The Giver, an old man who teaches

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