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Top Five Sion Sono Films

Closing off the 2013 edition of the Fantasia International Film Festival is a new film by long time Fantasia favourite Sion Sono. Sion Sono is one of the few filmmakers to completely embody the ethos of Fantasia and he has been an almost constant presence at the festival since he won the award for most ground-breaking film for Suicide Club in 2002. His newest movie, Bad Film, was edited together from over 150 hours of footage he shot in 1993 and will be making its Canadian Premiere at this year’s festival. In anticipation of this film, I am counting down Sion Sono’s five best films.

5. Noriko’s Dinner Table (2006)

A vague prequel to Suicide Club, Noriko’s Dinner Table remains somewhat on the fringes of popularity with North American audiences. Though it does not reach the breadth of Love Exposure, it is perhaps closest to that film in style, as it examines

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