Once Upon A Time season 3 episode 13 review: Witch Hunt

Review Kylie Peters 17 Mar 2014 - 06:55

Once Upon A Time is in danger of repeating itself one too many times. Here's Kylie's review of Witch Hunt...

This review contains spoilers.

3.13 Witch Hunt

Once Upon A Time is full of 'surprises' tonight.

“Surprise” #1: Regina and the Wicked Witch Zelena are sisters. Which nobody saw coming at all because none of the characters on this show are ever secretly related.

“Surprise: #2: Rumple is alive! Which is completely shocking because it would have been completely logical for them to kill off their most interesting and popular character midway through season three, and as we all know I have not been predicting his return ever since he died. (Granted, that happened all of two episodes ago. Which shows how long this show can last without him.)

Number two is easy to forgive because, well, Rumple’s back, and who doesn’t want that?

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