Dragonball Gt Season 2 DVD Review

Director: Minoru Okazaki

Starring: Stephanie Nadolny, Eric Vale, Elise Baughman, Andrew Chandler, Kyle Hebert

Running Time: 800 Minutes

Certificate: 12

After gathering an international following, spawning a lacklustre Hollywood film, and producing a trilogy of series’ totalling in 508 episodes, the Dragonball phenomenon finally draws to a close with Dragonball Gt Season 2.

After the first season ended with such an intense and climactic cliff-hanger, this second part very quickly deals with the events of Dragonball Gt’s action-packed first part. The story picks up after the destructive artificial intelligence known as ‘Baby’, managed to infect the world’s entire population (similar to Invasion Of The Body Snatchers) and migrate them to his new ’planet Tuffle’, leaving only Goku behind to save the human race and the entire galaxy. Goku soon realised that his new adolescent body would not be enough to stop Baby and his army of Tuffles and as a result gained

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