Justin Bieber’s Fab Life By The Numbers

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Justin Bieber isn’t your normal child star. The singer turn mega star lives in a world all of his own. VH1 goes inside the fabulous life of the singer which includes leopard-painted cars, pet monkeys, and more shoes than Carrie Bradshaw. Oh what a life! Thanks to his recent tour, he has nearly $150 million to spend on just about everything he could need. Well, everything outside of staying out of legal trouble. (But that’s another story!)

Did you miss the episode? Don’t worry, VH1 has got you covered. As we mentioned before, Bieber is obsessed with shoes and obsessed with style. Learn just how much goes into making sure he knows what there is to know about fashion.

And when the Biebz isn’t performing, he’s enjoying a boxing match. The singer is an avid boxing fan and even dabbles into sport himself.

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