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Dr Christian Jessen: 'The public's thirst for gory medical things is insatiable'

Dr Christian Jessen has made the nation's intimate ailments a teatime TV staple with Embarrassing Bodies, and this week he tackled 'gay cures' in a controversial documentary. His methods are not to all tastes, but his passion is clear

It is towards the end of my hour with television's Dr Christian Jessen that I finally raise the issue of piles, but from the unflustered, slightly ironic look on his face, you get the sense that barely a day goes by when haemorrhoids are not mentioned. As his fellow Embarrassing Bodies host Dr Pixie McKenna told the Cambridge News recently: "I don't know why people are obsessed with piles, but one of the most common things that gets shouted at us is: 'Do you want to come and look at my piles?' Tis a difficult cross to bear, to be sure."

I mention piles to Dr Christian not because – I

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