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Review: Lovers Try To 'Stay' In Romance Starring Aidan Quinn & Taylor Schilling

There's this old famous Irish saying that goes something like, “It's easy to halve a potato where there's love.” It's basically a much more Irish (and awesome) way of saying “sharing is caring.” The trouble is, what happens when the potato is rotten? Well, if you've been a keen observer of world news this year you may have come across a bizarre headline coming out of Siberia in January, which read that four people died after being exposed to poisonous gas emitting from rotten potatoes. It's a real thing. While it would be much too harsh to call Wiebke von Carolsfeld's film about complicated relationships "fatally poisonous," there is a faint hint of rot that made this reviewer a wee bit queasy on more than one occasion. Hard as it may try to pull you in towards its intimate story, “Stay” ultimately achieves the completely opposite effect and makes

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