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What to Watch: Tonight's TV Picks - Shetland, Doll & Em

Shetland: BBC One, 9pm

An old friend of Detective Jimmy Perez named Jerry Markham (Iain Robertson) returns to the island from London, where he works as an investigative journalist.

Mere hours after meeting with Perez for a drink, Markham is found dead inside his sports car, which is completely ruined. The death is put down to a tragic accident, but Perez suspects foul play and begins to investigate further.

Perez discovers that Markham was investigating plans for a new gas pipeline within the village, which has caused friction among the local residents.

Pramface: BBC Three, 9pm

Series three concludes tonight with a double bill, and Jamie is feeling suffocated by Isabel's clingy actions towards him. Laura also welcomes a new housemate.

In the second half of the double bill Laura decides to move on, and Jamie's doubts about his future with Isabel come to a head.

The Vampire Diaries

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