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Briefs: “Guys Reading Poems,” Jeff Davis Talks “Teen Wolf” Finale, And The “Glee” Cast Remember “Don’t Stop Believin’”

Birthday shoutouts go to Sean Faris (above), who is 32, Ryan Lewis is 26, Marcia Cross is 52, Aretha Franklin is 72, and Sarah Jessica Parker is 49. And a birthday shoutout to Tbl reader Eagledancer!

TV Line talks to Jeff Davis about the Teen Wolf finale, and who may or may not be back. And Danny gets a mention!

MSNBC’s Jonathan Capehart Rips Billy Graham‘s Homophobic Son for Supporting Putin

Christy Marx, the creator of Jem, speaks out about the big-screen adaptation. Why are there no women involved?

Wade Davis charts course for the NFL on gay issues at league’s annual meeting

The Glee cast Look Back On The Song That Started It All.

Christopher J. Hanke (star of Buyer & Cellar) with Andrew Rannells in NYC.

So this is happening… @Cabaret_Musical preview #1 Like in a couple of hours!!

Alan Cumming (@Alancumming) March 21, 2014

Here’s the Kickstarter for Guys Reading Poems.

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