The Big Reunion finale spectacular: 20 things we noticed

We're feeling a little bereft. The Big Reunion has come to an end - though at least it was with a bang! The show went out in style with the much-trailed Hammersmith gig and now it's time to pack up our trouser skirts, heart glitter and gel pens and get back to our adult lives (well, as adult as we get anyway.) But at least the last hurrah was a good'un - here's what we noticed from the last episode of The Big Reunion's second series...

1. Kian Egan has a filthy mouth.

"Hear'Say, kiss my arse." Kian. We expected better from a former Westlife member from Westlife.

2. Andi Peters' voiceover just got even more ridiculous.

It started reasonably enough, with talk of clutching crocheted Adam Rickitt dolls to our bosoms, which we related to, obviously. Then it just got silly: "Jade is wearing a hat." Then it got

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