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The Walking Dead Rv Screwdriver Walker Mask

Trick or Treat Studios has released some fantastic masks over the years, including a number of masks based on the Halloween series. They continue to expand into other horror properties and they’ve revealed an officially licensed mask based on the Rv Screwdriver Walker from The Walking Dead:

“In the Season Two Opener “What Lies Ahead”, the survivors are heading towards Fort Benning when they are stopped by a massive pileup on the highway. As they work out various personal problems amongst one another a large herd of Walkers passes through the area. Rick, Lori, Shane, Dale and the rest are forced to keep quiet and hide quietly while the herd passes by. However, one of the herd shambles on board Dale’s Rv where Andrea is hidden quietly in the bathroom. Andrea makes a little too much noise and the Rv Zombie eventually fights his way in. After a brief struggle,

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