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Bradford International Film Festival 2014 Review – Costa da Morte (2013)

Costa da Morte, 2013.

Directed by Lois Patino.


A documentary about Spain’s ‘Coast of Death’.

In director Lois Patino’s debut documentary feature, Spain’s infamous Costa da Morte – ‘the Coast of Death’ – comes under scrutiny. Telling of the area’s history and myth through a panoply of long shots, Patino’s method of observation manages to be both visually sumptuous and ultimately, surprisingly probing of the local characters. Fundamentally, though, Costa da Morte has more to say about man’s place in the world, with an emphasis on our relative insignificance. It’s not a thought that leaves you cold – rather, you gaze in astonishment at Patino’s film.

There are no close-ups or medium shots in Patino’s film – the director’s long shots and extreme long shots spy at a distance. Sometimes the camera seems close to a mile away from the action, the human figures

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