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The return of Troubleshooter the original business guru show

Digby Jones is the latest person to front up the programme, first seen in the 1990s, that helps flatlining businesses. After Dragons' Den and The Apprentice, will the makers have to rethink the format?

There's a proven route for the top British businessman in semi-retirement: a clutch of non-executive directorships, some boards to chair, a bauble from the honours system and a TV series in which you go round mouthily fixing struggling companies.

Sir John Harvey-Jones, after running Ici, was the founder host of the BBC's Troubleshooter series in the early 90s, while Sir Gerry Robinson, when done with Granada TV and Allied Domecq, fronted a Troubleshooter remake called I'll Show Them Who's Boss in 2004 (followed by Can Gerry Robinson Fix the NHS? in 2007. Most doctors and patients know the answer, even if they didn't see the show). Now Lord Digby Jones, former Director General of the Cbi, is reviving

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