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‘Dom Hemingway’ Review

Stars: Jude Law, Richard E. Grant, Demian Bichir, Luca Franzoni, Nick Raggett, Simeon Moore, Glenn Hirst | Written and Directed by Richard Shepard

For a long time Jude Law was a character actor stuck in stale leading man roles. Recently he has loosened those restraints with work in recent films like Contagion. In his latest film Dom Hemingway he not only breaks those restraints he gleefully shoves them down the throats of anyone who may have doubted his talents. If only the movie surrounding him was better. With a lingering narrative that never amounts to much Dom Hemingway is somewhat a chore to get through. Luckily Law’s ferocious performance is enough to make it worth a watch.

In a character introduction that immediately grabs tight of your attention, Dom Hemingway loudly makes his presence known with a diatribe on the wonder of his personal favorite appendage. Vulgar, violent, and unrestrained Hemingway is id personified.

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