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Jews in the news: DVD Sale - 250+ Titles Exclusively from the National Center for Jewish Film

Now though June 30th, the National Center for Jewish Film is offering discounts on their extensive collection of titles on DVD. Classics, new titles, and a great variety of Jewish films are available.

About The National Center For Jewish Film

is a unique, independent nonprofit film archive, distributor, resource center and exhibitor. Ncjf owns the largest archive collection of Jewish-content film in the world, outside of Israel with more than 15,000 reels of feature films, documentaries, shorts, newsreels, home movies and institutional films, dating from 1903 to the present. Founded in 1976, Ncjf is also a major distributor of new films with Jewish content, representing more than 100 contemporary filmmaker from around the world.

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Purchase 2-4 DVDs = 10% off

Purchase 5-10 DVDs = 20% off

Purchase 11 or more DVDs = 30% off

*Offer Good Through June 30, 2014 (end of academic year).

Upgrade VHS to DVD - Discounts

Replace 1-5 Ncjf VHS with same films on DVD = 30% off

Replace 6-10 Ncjf VHS with same films on DVD = 40% off

Replace 11 or more Ncjf VHS with same films with DVD = 50% off

DVD Collections & Special Offers - Discounts

~ Women Studies Collection - 6 Film Collection

~ Edgar Ulmer's Yiddish Classics - 4 Feature Films

~ Axel Corti Collection - 4 Feature Films

~ Pre-War Polish Jewish Travelogues - Warsaw, Bialystok, Cracow, Lwow, Vilna

~ Films by select filmmakers

Here are some of their New & Notable on DVD

Mahler on the Couch

Theatrical Hit From Percy & Felix Adlon (Bagdad Cafe) This exuberant imagining of the real-life marriage of Gustav Mahler (Johannes Silberschneider) and his tempestuous wife Alma Schindler Mahler (the luminous Barbara Romaner) is a sensory feast of art, sex and celebrity in fin-de-siècle Vienna. American Jerusalem:Jews and the Making of San Francisco Drawn to California by the Gold Rush, pioneering Jews were welcomed in San Francisco, where Jews played a central role in the transformation of this once-sleepy maritime village into the largest metropolis in the American West.

Being Jewish in France

Film Festival & Theatrical Hit. Yves Jeuland's sweeping two-film documentary explores the rich and complex history of Jews in France--the first country to grant Jews citizenship--has become the definitive documentary on the topic.

2 or 3 Things I Know About Him

Theatrical Hit . Family drama and historical truth collide in this documentary about the legacy cast by Hanns Ludin, a Nazi executed for war crimes in 1947. Ludin's son, Malte Ludin, breaks 60 years of silence, investigating his father's dark deeds.

Einsatzgruppen: The Death Brigades Nazi mobile killing squads, led by highly-educated officers and aided by local collaborators, systematically murdered over a million Jews. Who were the men who carried out mass murder at close range? Includes astounding, never-seen-before film and photographs.

Tel Aviv-Jaffa

Produced in celebration of the 100th anniversary of Tel Aviv, the two-part film explores the rich and complex history of Tel Aviv and Jaffa. A fast-paced, lively film, this popular documentary intercuts a treasure trove of archival film with images of contemporaryTel Aviv-Jaffa.

The Cantor's Son

Restored by Ncjf . This toe-tapping Yiddish musical drama stars Moishe Oysher in the title role J. Hoberman calls the "anti-Jazz Singer." May be the most exhilarating example yet exhumed of the once-thriving, completely global Yiddish cinema." -Boston Phoenix

The Jester

Restored by Ncjf. A charming romance drama produced in Poland, The Jester's lively circus and vaudeville music and set pieces provide a glimpse of Warsaw's then-thriving Yiddish revues and cabarets, which were destroyed soon after.

The Trial of Adolf Eichmann

The 1961 trial of Adolf Eichmann held in Israel and broadcast around the globe, was a benchmark event in the historiography of the Holocaust, especially in Israel where the trial proved a watershed for survivors and the new Jewish state.

Punk Jews

Profiling Hassidic punk rockers, Yiddish street performers, African-American Jewish activists & more, Punk Jews explores a movement of provocateurs and committed Jews who are asking what it means to be Jewish in the 21st century.

Kol Nidre

Ncjf New Digital Restoration. A bissel of this, a bissel of that, Kol Nidre has a little bit of everything, combining family melodrama and romance with popular songs, cantorial music and comic bits in an inventive pastiche of themes and styles.

How to Re-Establish a Vodka Empire

British filmmaker Daniel Edelstyn discovers the vodka distillery opened by his family in 1904 in the Ukraine is still in operation and decides--despite his utter lack of business experience--to become a liquor entrepreneur.

Jewish Soldiers in Blue & Gray

Brother against brother, Jew against Jew, 10,000 Jewish soldiers fought in the American Civil War, on both sides of the battlefield, in numbers proportionally higher than other American groups.

Dear Mr. Waldman

Film Festival Favorite Drama. A coming-of-age story written and directed by the son of survivors, Dear Mr. Waldman beautifully captures the milieu of mid-century Israel and the peculiarities of growing up amid the emotional wreckage of the Holocaust.

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