The Americans, Mad Men, Trying Again: What to watch this weekend

From the best of Us drama to classic British Saturday night TV fun, there is so much to watch this weekend you won't want to leave the house at all.

So let us, along with our friends at Now TV, pick out five of the best shows to watch.

1. The Americans

Where: ITV

When: 10.15pm on Saturday

This Cold War-era spy drama is one of the must-see Us shows right now. Tucked away in ITV's late night schedules, it's a visual and aural treat for anyone who grew up in the '80s - big hair! Fleetwood Mac! Phil Collins! - and it's also a seriously tense depiction of life for two Russians undercover in Reagan's America. Now in its second season, it's not too late to get on board to find out why we're hooked on this on Saturday nights.

2. Mad Men

Where: Sky Atlantic on Now TV


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