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Britain's Got Talent episode 3: The good, the bad & the bizarre

We're into our third week of Britain's Got Talent auditions, and as always there were all sorts of acts on show. Well, when Ant & Dec weren't zip-lining or downing Guinness or dancing in the streets, that is. And when Simon Cowell wasn't off welcoming baby Eric into the world (all together now: aww.) As always, though, while the acts were varied in genre, they were also massively varied in, well, talent level. Read on to find out what we saw on this week's episode of Britain's Got Talent, from the good to the bad to the bizarre...

The Good...

Innova Irish Dance Company: Oh, all the girls in Innova seem really sweet - they've been dancing together since they were toddlers and put it all together themselves. And don't expect just your standard Irish dance - they brought out a bit of 'Timber', 'Party Rock Anthem' and 'Earthquake' for their

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