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Not My Type | 2014 Colcoa Review

A Game of Give and Take: Belvaux Examines Le Pompatus de L ’amour

Known for a number of genre tinged thrillers that tend to examine the darker aspects of human nature, the subject matter of Lucas Belvaux’s latest feature, Not My Type, seems almost shocking in that, on the surface, it appears to be a bittersweet romantic comedy. But the film is an adaptation of a novel by Philippe Vilain, an author whose work is primarily centered on “love consciousness,” or, in other words, the many facets of love that unify and (mostly) separate us. Without having that in mind, however, there’s a definite unease snaking through the careful build-up of Belvaux’s film, a literary minded work that takes great pains to develop its two central characters as particular types, which creates an oddly distancing effect in our attitudes toward them. It’s as if, at any minute,

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