Tribute to Mike Vraney – Founder of Something Weird Video

Article by Sam Moffitt

It was very sad to hear of the passing of Mike Vraney on January 2nd, he was only 56 years old. Anyone who is a true movie geek, film fan, or cinema addict owes him a debt of thanks. With Something Weird Video Vraney made available hundreds, if not thousands of hours of rare, obscure and vintage films, most of which were, well..really weird.

Consider his association with Dave Friedman and H,G. Lewis, Swv put out virtually their entire catalog of films first on VHS and then dvd. Not to mention the films of Harry Novak, Coffin Joe and his bizarre films from South America and many other rare titles that were impossible to see, not so long ago.

Swv put out hundreds of collections of nudie cutie loops, stag films, trailers for drive-in swill and compilations of highway safety and class room instructional films.

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