Actor Bob Hoskins Passes Away at 71

Actor Bob Hoskins Passes Away at 71

British actor Bob Hoskins has passed away at 71. He reportedly succumbed to pneumonia and complications from Parkinson's disease.

Best known for his lead role in Who Framed Roger Rabbit? as Detective Eddie Valiant, he is also fondly remembered for his performances as Captain Hook's right hand man Smee in Steven Spielberg's Hook and the iconic video game character Mario in Super Mario Bros. He also played an important role in the cult classic Terry Gilliam fantasy drama Brazil.

Born in West Suffolk on October 26, 1942, Bob Hoskins started his way in show business as a circus fire-eater and prided himself on never having took an acting lesson in his life. He began his career as a 'thespian' on stage and in small television roles before making his presence known in the classic 1980 drama The Long Good Friday. He soon followed that up playing a rock and roll manager in the

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