Convergence: The Making of Divergent

Trevor Hogg chats to production visual effects supervisor Jim Berney, visual effects producer Greg Baxter; and visual effects supervisors Matt Dessero, Marshall Krasser, and Berj Bannayan about bringing a dystopian Chicago to the big screen…

Greg Baxter

“I hadn’t work with Lionsgate or Summit before,” explains VFX Producer Greg Baxter (Jack the Giant Slayer) who was recruited to become a member of the Divergent production team led by filmmaker Neil Burger (The Illusionist). “There was a long stage of ‘Do you green light or do you not?’ By the time the button was hit they were racing to get it going. It all happened over the holidays with a bunch of phone calls where they were vetting me and I jumped right in. A lot of the crew had the same experience. I’m not the young adult target audience so I quickly read the books and script. I

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