Booze-fuelled OAPs: Channel 5 reveals new wild documentary

OAPs Behaving Badly is a new Channel 5 documentary that looks set to put the Omg in Oap.

The one-off doc, which will air this summer, follows the story of pensioners who have splashed their savings, winter tax allowance and children's inheritance on "cut price alcohol, wild parties and crazy after-dark shenanigans in sunny Tenerife".

Club 18-30 can't keep up with these 60-plus, booze-fuelled OAPs!Channel 5

A press release about the show reveals that the subjects in the film will include 74-year-old entertainer Leapy Lee, who has a high sex drive and always keeps Viagra in stock in case his Scandinavian girlfriend visits.

Other participants include granddad Pete, who has spent his inheritance and works as a bar promoter and has Jägermeister shots for breakfast.

Meanwhile, "hardcore granny" Cheryl will be shown partying and flashing the flesh with friends half her age.

Exec producer Sam Barcroft has described the documentary as

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