Try, Try Again: The 'Atlas Shrugged 3' Teaser Trailer Gets Sandy

After Atlas Shrugged: Part I made only $4.6 million in 2011 on a production budget of $20 million I thought they would stop. They didn't. In 2012 they released Atlas Shrugged II: The Strike and it made only $3.3 million, which based on my calculations is less than $4.6 million. So, we're losing audience at this point. Did that stop themc Nope... This year Atlas Distribution Company will deliver Atlas Shrugged: Who Is John Galtc on September 12 and the first trailer for that movie has been released, featuring "America's Got Talent" sand artist Joe Castillo forming the head of the Statue of Liberty. There's no word on what the budget for this one is, but the film did go to Kickstarter for money and managed to raise $446,907 on a goal of $250,000. They even had ten backers pitch in $10,000 and with 3,554 in total and ticket prices estimated at $7.96 on average for 2014, that should mean this one will

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