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Britain's Got Talent episode 5: The good, the bad and the bizarre

Can you believe that we're already in our fifth week of Britain's Got Talent auditions? Well, we are, and the hopefuls just keep on coming. And when the show wasn't bringing us its very own 24-style intro or facilitating an on-stage proposal (come on everybody: aww) or giving us an insight into Simon Cowell's dreams (cats playing guitars?), there was time for some people with varying levels of talent to give it their best shot. Read on for the good, the bad and the bizarre this week...

The Good...

Simon Cowell: Yes, really. Simon Cowell. But it's not that one! This one is a 37-year-old who probably wishes his mum had stuck with her original choice of name, Andrew (aside from the fact that it gives him a good Bgt gimmick.) This Simon does seem very sweet ("I want to make my parents proud") but judge Simon seems

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