Top Dog Review

Crime dramas, crime thrillers, gangster films. They often get a bad rap – and it’s not hard to see why when there’s a constant stream of poorly made, low budget films being spurned out with the same boring plot where someone shoots someone because he ‘mugged off’ wotshisname / stole the drugs / snitched on so-and-so. So it’s something of a relief when something comes along that’s been made with a little more effort, which is where Martin Kemp’s Top Dog comes into play.

Top Dog was brought to life by Green Street writer Dougie Brimson and lead actor Leo Gregory, who plays bad-boy-turned-good Billy Evans. Evans makes the fatal faux pas of trying to protect his family from a local gang who are charging them protection money – so far, so ordinary. But director Kemp is evidently keen on attempting to present something a little different. There is

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