Mad Z Productions Announces Latest Film Sisters Kicking Off in August

Word of a new project from Mad Z Productions that unites four of indie horror’s biggest stars landed in our inbox, and of course we had to share! Read on for the first details about Sisters, which kicks off in August.

The project brings together for the first time ever four of indie horror’s biggest female stars: Jessica Cameron (Truth or Dare, Camel Spiders), Devanny Pinn (Dead Sea, The Black Dahlia Haunting), Melantha Blackthorne (A Grim Becoming), and Seregon O’Dassey (Captured Hearts).

Sisters also stars Ray Hryb (Killing Brooke). It is written and directed by David Zagorski (Killing Brooke, The Devil’s Nightmare) and co-produced by Zagorski and Hryb.

As mentioned, filming starts in August so look for lots more soon!


Pushed to the limits by the abusive Ray, four sisters, all witches, use their powers to get a little revenge. But when things get out

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