Four Sisters Unite to Face a Sadist in David Zagorski's Latest

Mad Z productions is gearing up to shoot the indie horror feature Sisters. Principal photography on this feature will begin this summer, in August of 2014. The film is a revenge tale, involving witchcraft. As well, David Zagorski's (Killing Brooke) latest feature will star horror's finest: Jessica Cameron (Truth or Dare), Melantha Blackthorne (A Grim Becoming), Seregon O'Dassey (Captured Hearts), Devanny Pinn (Dead Sea) and Ry Hryb. A preview for Sisters is here! For more on the story, four sisters are abused by the malefactor Ray. Using their witchy power, they plan their revenge on Ray. Soon, the tables are turned in favour of this quartet; but these sisters will have to cover up their violent crimes. As well, an early concept poster for the film has been released. The graphic shows the sisters: Gwen (Cameron), Ana (Blackthorne), Selene (O'Dassey) and Skye (Pinn). The villain is shown defiantly at the bottom of the poster.

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