See an Adorable Comic That Imagines Anakin Skywalker's Life if He Didn't Become Darth Vader

Truth be told, if Anakin Skywalker were never seduced by the Dark Side, we wouldn't have Darth Vader. And if we didn't have Darth Vader, we wouldn't have the first three Star Wars movies. Instead, we might have some silly dysfunctional family comedy about the trials and tribulations of a lightsaber-wielding Jedi trying to juggle dad duties while protecting the universe... or something.  And if that family comedy was a comic strip, it might look a little something like these adorable fan-made images from Italian artist Renata Castellani [via GeekxGirls] that imagines a world where Luke and Leia grew up together alongside a loving dad and a Padme who didn't die right after giving birth. Oh, what could've...

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