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In a Nutshell: Out Of Inferno

The Pang Brothers need a hit. They haven't made a decent movie together since way back in 2006 with fantasy horror, Re-cycle. Their collaborations have always looked the part, but when it comes to storytelling, the Pang Brothers have failed to set the screen on fire. Which brings us neatly to their latest project together, a fire-fighting action thriller called Out of Inferno. Kind of fitting, don't you think? On the hottest day in fifty years, a serious fire breaks out in a busy commercial tower. Keung (Louis Koo), Si Lok (Pang faithful Angelica Lee), and several others are trapped in the inferno. Meanwhile, Keung's older brother, Dai Kwan (Sean Lau), has arrived at the scene and is coordinating the rescue. He'd better hurry up, that beautifully rendered CGI won't stay pretty for long. Unsurprisingly, Out of Inferno is another lacklustre entry in the Pang Brothers cannon. The special effects are pretty enough,

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