Watch: Kristen Stewart’s Directorial Debut For Sage + The Saints’ Latest Music Video

No risk, no reward and all that. Actors making the transition from their day job to directing don’t always succeed—see Johnny Depp’s “The Brave” for an old example and Ryan Gosling’s recently critically-roasted “Lost River” for a more recent one. But everyone’s got to start somewhere, even an established celeb or actor. And yes, it can be a risky road to take, but nothing ventured, nothing gained of course. Plus most actors quickly learn that film is a director’s medium—an actor’s favorite takes, even their favorite scenes, can be left on the cutting room floor if the filmmaker wishes it—so wanting that control, plus trying to discover how the other half lives is understandably appealing. A good, sometimes safe place to start for fledgling filmmakers is in the music video field. Shia Labeouf has used the medium often to dip his filmmaking toe in the water,

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