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Welcome to Rio; The Complainers TV review

Rocky the fridge guy, Acme the Banksy-type artist and the tragic Commander Gripp offer a very different view of Rio

You know Cleo Rocos the actress who used to be Kenny Everett's sidekick and muse, and who once went on Celebrity Big Brother? Well, guess where she lives. Somewhere nice in west London, you think? Hmm, close. No, actually she lives in a dangerous hillside slum with open sewers and a reputation for gun crime. In Rio de Janeiro.

How do I know? Well, she keeps saying so during her strange semi-comedy commentary in this documentary Welcome to Rio (BBC2). "What We lack in law and order We make up for with close-knit communities and a lot of freedom"; "We've already survived our fair share of upheaval and uncertainty"; "We'll face the future with the same optimism and determination we've always had since we first built our shacks on the hill "

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