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Watch: Yann Danh's Political Action-Thriller Short Film 'At All Costs'

Sacrificed by the system, they will adapt. Time for something a bit subversive, a short from France about of three former employees who seek revenge on their ex-ceo. The film is titled At All Costs, or originally A Tout Prix in French, and it actually won awards at Liege International Film Festival (Audience Award) and Pentedattilo Film Festival (Best Thriller). While it does have a political story, it's still a solid thriller, made for only $10K. The short stars Franck Sarrabas, Pascal Henault, Simon Frenay, Marc Duret, Bruno Henry, Fatima Adoum and Onna Clairin. Danh is now developing his first feature film, Implacable, with Metaluna Productions. In the meantime, if you're interested in see what this is all about, fire up the 15-minute short. At All Costs, directed by Yann Danh, co-written by Mahi Bena, tells the story of three former employees who seek revenge at their ex-ceo taking him

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