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Love Always: Brooke Shields

Presenting “Love Always,” a recurring feature in which we pay tribute to the women who helped shape our views on pop culture.

This time we pay a 49th birthday tribute to one of the great child stars of all time, who overcame the pitfalls of Hollywood to carve out a successful adult career.

Here are ten reasons why I will Love Always … Brooke Shields.

She Introduced Us To Christopher Atkins And Martin Hewitt

In Blue Lagoon, Brooke and her breast merkin introduced us to the natural wonders of Christopher Atkins, and the two would learn the ways of sex by watching giant sea turtles copulating. The following year, in Endless Love, she would once again come through for us by giving us one of the most underrated bits of 80′s beefcake, Martin Hewitt.

She Gave Catherine O’Hara One Of Her Greatest Roles

Wet Gold

Brooke was at her most luscious in this 1984 TV movie,

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