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Rik Mayall: readers' tributes

We asked Guardian readers to share their memories of Rik Mayall's best work following the actor's death this week

"Rik Mayall was a great comedian, he had a style that appealed to young and old. I suffered with leukaemia as a child and some of my better memories of my (lengthy) time in hospital were spent listening to Rik Mayall read the Grimms Fairytales. They made me laugh so much in such a hard time. I still laugh at them now and as a teacher I share them regularly with the children in my class who still think they are hillarious!" Emma Lewis

"I only worked with Rik once, on Believe Nothing in basically, a fat joke. He was very kind and kept asking me if I was comfortable doing the gag. He was a truly a great clown he had a underlying concern and worry in his manic talent,

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